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    simul⁺ - Achieving the plus together.

    The Latin word "simul" means "together" – which is exactly our motto: bringing people together to achieve more, to achieve a plus together.

    Together with partners from the economy (companies, chambers, associations), science, clusters as well as municipalities and committed citizens, we take up promising ideas and implement them in our regions.

    simul is based on three pillars. Learn more about each pillar.

    Knowledge Transfer

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    Participation Fund

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    Model projects

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    New ministry enlarges the range of subjects!

    On 24 August 2016, State Minister Thomas Schmidt launched the simul future initiative under the motto "Future. Bringing together!". Up until December 2019, the initiative focussed on issues of environment management, forestry, agriculture and food industry. Following the creation of the new State Ministry for Regional Development, the range of subjects has grown considerably. In line with the new innovation strategy of the Free State of Saxony, simul will become established as a platform for innovation-based regional development.



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